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LYNNE CHRISTOPHER is the beautiful & talented jazz vocalist. This lovely native of Southern California literally got her vocal training at home. Her mother, an opera singer and voice teacher, helped Lynne perfect her three and a half octave range. Although adept in most any musical genre, her first love is jazz and the blues - something her high energy performance and straight ahead style make evident from her sweet ballads to her soulful blues and swing.

Lynne can also perform many songs in R & B, funk, soul, pop and rock to lightup a crowd! Her tunes range from the 50's to the present including many old standards too!

For the past eight years Lynne has enjoyed a successful career in the Tahoe/Reno area working for major hotels such as Caesar's and the Hyatt Regency. She has performed numerous concerts for the "Love Of Jazz Society" in Reno, Nevada. In 1994 Lynne enjoyed a successful tour including Osaka, Japan, Spain, Italy and the Caribbean. Lynne played a principal role in Brian Farnon's musical version of "Scrooge" at Harrah's main show room in South Lake Tahoe.

Lynne  has also recorded five radio and television advertising jingles for Tin Pan Alley Productions (based in Lake Tahoe). The commercials are currently being aired in Washington, Minnesota, Oregon and Idaho. 

She features the best in Rock, Standards, Jazz, Blues, Country, Pop, and Bossa Nova Songs.



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