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              Bob Greenwood Bio


        Bob was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He begin his professional music career playing drums in Bay Area bands.  He began playing piano while in the US Navy.  He entertained the troops in Vietnam in 1966. 


        After the military Bob led several bands who performed in the East Bay.  He did a road tour on drums with the Charlie Musslewhite Blues Band in 1976.  He moved to the Sierras in 1977.  He married and raised 3 children in Truckee, CA.


        Bob went back to college and completed a Masters Degree program in Counseling Psychology.  He has worked in the counseling field since 1980.


        Bob has played the keyboard for The Ink Spots, The Coasters, Lydia Pense, of Cold Blood fame, Danny Marona, Steven Bishop (On and On), Billy Preston, and recently Paul McCartney.


        Bobs real trademark is his versatility.  He can play a jazz gig one night, oldies on another, and then some great classic rock and roll grooves. If you ask Bob, he would say jazz is his real love.  He has been influenced by Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Les McCann, Jimmy Smith, Red Garland, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and others.  His vocal style resembles that of Ray Charles, Mose Allison, Randy Newman, and Michael Franks.

Sadly Bob passed away in Vietnam Feb 2024.


        Whether it is solo piano and vocal or full on rock and roll, Bob is always enthusiastically enthralled in his music.  He brings energy to every setting.


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