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Performer / Band Name

Mick Valentino, electric jazz guitar, has played guitar since age 7. Has lived in Reno for the last 12 years.

Music Style / Genre

Jazz / Rock / Blues / Soul / R&B

Musical Influences

John Coltrane, Corelli, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Pat Martino, Johnny Smith, many others.

History of Performer / Band

Mick Valentino has been on stage with:  Prince, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Eddie Harris, Jaco Pastorias, Larry Carleton, Oliver Lake, Roger Smith, 17 years with Tommy Bell (Reno), Roland Vasques, Urban Ensemble.

Mick toured the world with the group Santa Esmeralda and has played jazz in several Reno venues, including El Dorado, Harrah’s, and EJ’s, and guest lead guitarist with the Reno Jazz Orchestra.

Albums / Where Available

CDs entitled Jazz Rosco, Rosco’s Place, My Colors, Just Enough with Roger Smith (just released)

Big Advice (co-wrote) just released.

Available where records and CDs are sold. (Tower Records).


Check for new recordings soon at AlphaBetaUSA.


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