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Carlo Driggs was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in New York City into America's "Baby Boomer" era. Music has always been part of his being. He arrived in New York at the young age of seven , the first thing that caught his attention was the television, were he saw Ricky Ricardo on the I Love Lucy show. From the original episode of Ricky singing Cuban Pete Carlo immediately was hooked with the entertainment bug. Starting out his career playing the drums, then a bit of piano, he searched long and patiently to finally find his own custom made instrument...his VOICE... which along with the piano created the beginning of an everlasting friendship... as well as a very productive career.

In 1971, Carlo started a band named Kracker with some of his friends, just to have fun and meet girls. Carlo Driggs As it turns out, at one of the clubs in which he was performing, there was an agent from Chicago who thought Kracker was the best band he had ever seen. Next thing you know, two weeks later he was in Chicago with the band playing The Rush Up at Rush Street, which was a very prestigious nightclub at the time. One thing leads to another and famous producer for the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Miller shows up one night and signs Kracker to a record deal. Talk about being at the right place at the right time! While in the states Mick Jagger hears about Kracker, shows up at the studio to say hello to his producer and friend Jimmy Miller, and totally flips. Kracker was chosen as opening act for the Stones 1973 European Tour, as well as first group to be signed to the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers label in Europe.

Carlo has always had an uncanny vision for forming fantasy with the songs he sings. He creates different characters within himself to fit whatever song he is singing. In the late '70s from one such "band" came a million selling platinum single and gold album. A Grammy nomination for the first song Carlo ever released as an artist/composer, Get Off, which rode the top of the charts for most of '78 and '79, brought national attention to Carlo's group FOXY. Carlo had joined FOXY on the heels of his success with Kracker. At that time Henry Stone and Steve Alaimo were the heads of TK Productions, the Miami based independent record label which lead the '70s-'80s dance craze movement.

As of 2010 Carlo is out doing his own shows now in Las Vegas, but for twenty-one years, he was the lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders singing all their greatest hits like Hungry, Just like Me, Kicks, and Indian Reservation. Today's audiences are treated to a very special time in Carlo's history. For the first time he is doing not just songs from that era, but the songs he grew up listening to. He delivers some of Mick Jagger, as well as Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Otis Redding, Wilson Picket, Tony Bennett, and many other great singers. He envisions himself as the new Ricky Ricardo of the twenty first century. Carlo always talks about how he first learned English by watching the I Love Lucy show.

Carlo Driggs was performing his own show under the pseudonyms of Havana Heat or Chico and the Sharks when he lived in Reno, NV. Carlo often appeared in Reno venues singing jazzy versions of songs from the greats. He later lived in Las Vegas and then Florida.

Carlo Driggs died in Florida on May 31st 2017.


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